Welcome to all our friends from Patches Place! This page is exclusive to anyone coming directly from Patches Place and will usually contain exclusive some 'sneak preview' pictures of what we are currently working on, but at the moment, please be patient, as this site, together with filming, editing and arranging shoots is taking up all of our time! So, although we don't have any video stills available from our newly shot stuff yet, we thought you'd appreciate these pics, which are stills taken from two recent shoots.
This is a camera still from the 'Desiree Blush' sessions, Desiree accidentaly pissed all over her living room floor; as you can see she's a bit concerned about what she's done. This was taken shortly after Desiree sat on a tree and pee'd a small fountain, although she didn't realise she was sitting on her skirt!

This is Sally, we were shooting footage for possible inclusion in 'Gala III' - she looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth - you wait and see the gorgeous piss fountains she gave us!